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Different Types Of Granite Countertops

In London, Granite is considered one of the best materials for making countertops and shelves used in kitchens and other places. The reason behind this is the durability and resistance of granite against moisture and hits from sharp objects. They also enhance the appearance of the kitchen and other places in the interior of the house. This is why people highly demand granite kitchen worktops based on London.

“Here are some of the different types of granite slabs that can be used in home renovation.” quoted a representative from Number One Stone

White granite

This is one of the most popular types of granite. It is made up of a combination of feldspar minerals and stones of quartz. They make for a cleaner choice for those who like peaceful themes in their homes. They are also available in some classic color variations that include black, blue, and grays.

Galaxy Granite in Black

They are a great option in altering the look of the countertops and shelves inside homes with a thematic twist. These black granites add a unique and dominating look to the interiors. Sometimes, they do have some gold specks on their display which make them look like a starry night sky.

Granites of Baltic Brown

For those who prefer the mid-way colors of brown, these are a great option. It enjoys a natural and simple look in terms of its design. They are often available in mixtures of grey, gold, and tan colors. It gives a fairly neutral appeal to the shelves and countertops that can merge well with all kinds of themes.

Handmade Kitchen Specialist For Renovating The Kitchen

There are many people who buy new houses but they are not satisfied with the interiors and design of their old kitchen. There are some companies who will design your kitchen in a modern way which will add value to your kitchen and you will also get compliments on the look of your kitchen. Therefore, to change your lifestyle it is always important to design each and every section of the house and kitchen is very important, it is a place where you make food. Handmade kitchen specialists will design your kitchen in a beautiful way so that you can use it as a place to entertain your guests. They use quality material during the designing process.

Make your kitchen unique – Kitchen specialist will make your kitchen unique. They will fulfill all your requirements and needs and will make sure that all the work is done to perfection. You will get to standout from everyone else when it comes to your kitchen.

You control your design – Owner of the home has full control over the design of the kitchen. Owners will only instruct the kitchen designer that what is to be fitted, what size should be fitted and where it should be fitted. You can tell the specialist that in which place you want shelves, cabinet and other fittings. This is the reason why, people hire these specialists who fulfill all the needs on time.

Flexible – Handmade kitchens are built to fit your kitchen and they are flexible also. It will give you the storage space, greater style and finish which satisfies your need.