Health Standards for Dog Breeding Facilities

A pup can bring lots of happiness to a family, and a beautiful dog such as a husky is also great with kids. But to make sure you get a healthy dog, it is important to get it from a reliable kennel.

Often, the highest-standard, healthy Siberian huskies for sale are AKC registered and USDA approved. AKC is the American Kennel Club and it provides a registry of pedigrees in the United States, as well as information on events for purebred dogs.

Getting USDA’s approval

The USDA is the U.S. Department of Agriculture; the Department’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (or APHIS) issues licenses for all dog breeders and dealers who sell their dogs as pets or to research facilities. The activity of all these kennels is regulated by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

In order to get their AWA license, dog breeders must take the following course of action: firstly, they have to submit an application for an AWA license to the USDA. Secondly, they must comply fully with all AWA standards, and pass a pre-license inspection to prove it.

Only after passing the inspection, the breeder can pay the license fee, and they will be then issued the license. Besides the pre-license inspection, there will also be various unannounced ones carried out by APHIS inspectors.

In addition to AKC and USDA standards, breeding facilities must also adhere to all state and local animal protection laws. Being a USDA-licensed breeder or dealer does not trump the law.


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