How to Fireproof Your Fabrics

If you decide to fireproof your cushions, curtains and other fabric decorations, it is best to test the fire retardant properties of the material first. There is a special class of fabric known as IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) that doesn’t need any treatment since it is made from fibres that are naturally non-combustible. All other materials have to be treated one or more times.

Therefore, it is recommended to supply a sample of the fabric you wish to have treated, of roughly 0.25 meters in length to your spray fireproofing contractors; they will test this for various codes and certify that the material passes all tests.

Besides laboratory certified testing, your contractor will also be able to offer fabric analyses to check whether the treatment alters the integrity of the material, issue a compliant code certificate, and provide re-certification when needed.

Home applications

However, in case you opt for treating the fabrics yourself after you’ve established they need to be flame proofed, consider purchasing one of the small tester spray bottles to try out the product on different materials. Using quality fabric spray is important.

Once you find a satisfactory brand, it’s time to calculate how much spray you actually need to get the job done. Generally, 1 litre of product is enough for approximately 10 metres square of fabric. You can determine the square area using the formula: width x height = area square, and round the number up to the closest square area to ensure you have enough spray to cover it all.